Creation Comic

The Images are list from the beginning to the end of the project.

Graphite on Bristol Board


Inked Bristol Board

Finished Piece TO COLOR!.jpg

Inked Computer Version (Done in Illustrator)
B&WComic(Scaled Down)

Colored & Inked (Done in Photoshop)

Colored Comic(Scaled Down)


Panel 1: In the beginning, there was emptiness. Just empty space from one side to another.  Stars are scattered about through out the universe.

Panel 2: Thus God(Jehovah/Yaweh) created the Earth and the Heavens.  He filled it with his perfect creations to live. He created plants, dirt, water, landscapes, and even rainbows.

Panel 3: Then he created light and the sun to shine on the earth.

Panel 4: The waters of the earth kept spilling out of its sides. Thus, God created a dome that would separate them.

Panel 5: Behold Earth, but it is not just any place on it. No, it is the Garden of Eden.

Write Up

In the end, I’m glad we got to do a project like this. I’m interested in making comics of my own one day. This was a good start on how to wrap my head around it. I always had these ideas in my head, but I cannot just slap them down together in some sort of sequential order and expect it to work. Time and preparation needs to go into making it. Constantly drawing character designs and refining them will make it work.

When I took it into the computer, I wanted to use different shaped lines, as well as weights to make it look better. For example, on the first panel the line weights on the Bristol board version are very heavy. Since all the lines look the same, but are just different weights I wanted to play around with them on the computer. In illustrator, I found these different shapes lines that went perfectly with what I wanted to show. It helps with that whole outer space stained glass atmosphere I was going for.

In the last panel, the Garden of Eden, I left out the dialogue box. I am under that assumption that most people that will be looking at this is familiar Christianity in some form. I am hoping that they will know automatically that this is the Garden of Eden. There is the Tree of Knowledge with a red snake wrapped around it. This the sign that should communicate that it is so.

The black lines that separate the panels I chose to keep together. In normal comics, they are usually kept apart but are close together. In Christian stained glass everything is kept close together. It felt it necessary to do so with this project as well.

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