Interior Skeleton

For this project I chose the ‘Interior Skeleton.’ The painting I decided to do was ‘The Old Guitarist’ by Pablo Picasso.

This was one of the few projects that I enjoyed doing from beginning to end. Normally when I start a project, I do not have a general consensus on how to do so. However, this one was different. I wanted to push myself to make something visually pleasing to my eyes. Every critique I see my classmates work and I think to myself, “Oh, I should have done that!” or “I could’ve have done better!” So I aimed to change that with this project. I took my time and over a course of three days I did this. And this time I timed how long it took me to do this. It was around 7 1/2 hours.

I began with making the figure with my ebony pencil so I could have a basis for the skeleton. I started with the guitar because I did not trust myself with the material, charcoal, due to the possibility of it smudging all over the paper. This was a learning experience for me. I had to spread the material across the paper to create a form of a guitar. To differentiate the body from the fretboard, I applied more charcoal to it to maker it darker looking.

The feat to the guitar was the first area I finished. I did the bone lines in black charcoal, then went over them in white. Surrounding it was faded charcoal to give it the outer shape of the original painting. The darker charcoal is meant to represent the clothing the figure is wearing. The lighter one represents the skin.

The second part, and what I considered to be the hardest, was the top half of the figure. The bones on the upper half was done the same way I did the bones down below. For the rib cage, I did the closer part toward the view lighter than the bones that rap around the back. The back ones I applied some black charcoal to show its distance from the viewer.

For the background, I did my best to try and recreate the original painting’s look without damaging the work on the skeleton and charcoal surround it. I used different shades and tints of the charcoal to keep the clothing and skin distinguishable. I did this so that it wouldn’t blend together.

When I finished, I reflected and learned some things from this project. I learned how to use a medium more properly than I did before. The skeleton is one of the most important fundamentals to figure drawing. It helps how one can the body perfectly and proportionally correct.

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