Reflections Drawing.JPG

I drew a mirror image of myself on beinfang. To help with the theme, I incorporated people, and various other imagery from my surrounding environment. The spot I chose for this drawing was perfect during the daytime. It was the entrance to the engineering building in the area shaped like a half circle. People were coming in and out and it gave me plenty to draw from.  For my face and everything that was closer to me, I used darker lines to show depth. Things that were farther away in the image were drawn much more lightly. The pencil I used was drawn with lines and short bursts of air by it. Also next to it were lighter versions of the pencil. This was to show movement of  it by going back and forth. To show what I was thinking of at the time, I used a thought bubble like what one would see in a comic. I was thinking of some original characters of mine, my desktop computer, and this one song called “Une Nuit a Paris” by 10cc. In the bottom right of the thought bubble is a character singing with a musical note next to him. No one was around when I drew that part and I was singing out loud for a bit.

Outside the windows are things in the distance. On the hillside of the valley is a building that I always look at in my travels. The light lines that make it up and the trees were creating the depth of how far away it was. I did this for the central campus bell and building next to it.


What I could have done to help improve this piece was including more movement lines. The people outside look static. While technically they are moving, but it is not shown well. I could have used values. I noticed my classmates used value shifts to add even more depth and differentiate things in their drawings. If I included that in my piece things could have popped out more. The left side of the drawing is empty. What I mean by empty is how when comparing it the right side things

The strength of the piece has to be the line weights. The lines of me are much heavier since I am in the foreground. The background is much lighter to show how farther away it is.

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