Illustrated Journal Journal #30

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I chosed the creation story from the Bible. I read part of the Book of Genesis. It talks about how God created the earth and universe. However, it did not go into detail. So I came up with my own interpretation.

If I was to turn this into a comic, I would anthropomorphize things. I would turn things like earth, light, the seas, and the sun into characters with different personalities all under the watchful eye of God. I would give it a comedic twist.

  1. Earth – first one created – The center of all the problems and miscellaneous events – neutral towards the others, favors the sun over light
  2. Light – second one created – Jealous type, isn’t too fond of the sun grabbing the earth’s attention
  3. Seas- third one created – part of the earth, contains all the fish and monsters spoken about, initially makes the earth uncomfortable
  4. The Sun- fourth one created – the beauty of the universe, flirts with the earth.
  5. God- Would watch them duke things out for his entertainment, later down the line he would created all plants and animals that populate the earth.
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