Illustrated Journal #28(Doug Winger)


I want to talk about an artist whose style has had influence over my work. His name is Doug Winger. I discovered his work after the first semester of freshmen year. I found a design for squirrels that I absolutely fell in love with. It was perfect. I always had trouble in the past when developing designs for my anthropomorphic characters. But then I found this.

Here are some examples below

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What really attracted me to this design has to be the shape of the heads. What I never liked about squirrel designs by other artists is how cartoonish they looked. These designs I would say that they are grounded in a more realistic world rather than a cartoon.

The placement of the lines on the figures is one of my attractions to it. I like where the snout meets the mouth. The eyes have thicker lines in it to display the eye lashes. I like the hairy lines that create the fur texture.

I looked into the artist’s work further. However, I dismayed. Much of his work is pornographic. So, I warn you if you decide to look up anything by him because you find some shocking creations.


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