Illustrated Journal #27


Robocop, what a great movie. This artwork is located in the plotter room and it always grabs my attention every time I go there. I got a chance to look at it up close when I went to scan one of my projects. So for this journal, I decided to talk about it.

I didn’t realize it was a movie poster until I went up close to it. I thought it was some fan’s artwork that was printed out many years ago and was left to displayed for all to see.

The design aspect of the poster is, of course, meant to grab the viewer’s attention. The usage of color is at a minimum. However, red is the one that stands out the most. It makes sense in context to the film because it is a blood fest. The placement of the characters is based off their importance the plot. Robocop is the biggest since the movie is starring him and is the title character. The villains, on the top left, show a menacing presence toward the hero. The side charactes are much smaller due to their involvement in the story. This creates an asymmetrical balance due to how uneven they are placed.

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