Illustrated Journal #26

Z ( Post to WordPress ).jpg

I received a card in the mail from my aunt. Much to my surprise, this was the cover of the it. I was shocked because I did not know that she was quite the talented artist. She drew this. What really made me want to talk about this was how it reminded me of one the projects for the foundations class I had last semester. Particularly the illuminated name. The Z, looks oddly familiar to the one I made on that projectZach Martell's Illuminated Journal copy.jpg

I love the line work in the her art. She uses it to differentiate the patterns on the sides of the Z. The right side used curved lines with heavy dots connecting them. It looks like something sewn together. On the left, square are connected to heavy dotted squares. It looks a chain link fence. What strikes me the most is the artwork in the center. It looks like grass that has been abstracted. The swirls just suck me into it. The black acts as negative space.

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