Project Canon: Step 1

My character is set in a universe that takes place on earth thousands of years later. I have not pin pointed the exact year where the story begins, but the time period is the 9,900s. The world no longer has humanity ruling over it. What’s left are anthropomorphic beings. Specifically mammals that have been modified by humanity to resemble humanoids. Many species of mammals had this done to them. Examples being foxes, wolves, chipmunks, lions, tigers, bears, etc.They survived a nuclear war that brought the end of humanity and have been living  and developing cultures of their own ever since. The war also brought everything back to the dark ages, meaning that progress was very slow for the overall planet with technology, medicine, standards of living, life expectancy, etc. The humans that survived eventually died out or were hunted down.

This is a universe that I have had in my head for years, but now recently have started to flesh it out more. The story itself begins in the United Kingdom of Squirrels, or UKS for short. It is under the tyranny of the Vulpes Empire (Vulpes is scientific name for foxes). The town everything is set in is Wahlkill. It is the name of the central town and area it takes place in.

Now this brings things to my character.

Name: Kyle Thompson

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Species: Tree Squirrel

Fur Color: Light brown with a darker streak around his eyes going up to his nose. The streak goes down his body.

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches.

Eye Color: Green

Occupation: Farmer

Home: Born and raised in Wahlkill of the United Kingdom of Squirrel. He lives on a farm that is very country-like. When he isn’t working and has free time he is at Marsh Point. A literal Marsh that people live in that acts as a trade post, but most of the younger kids go there to hang out and party. All of Kyle’s friends live there.

Parents: Has no birth parents. He was orphaned as a toddler, and was raised by a single mother.

Education: Home schooled. He has the average level of reading and writing.

Health: In Shape, Agile, Not That Strong.

Character Traits: Dreamer, Ambitious, Selfish, Courageous, Zany, Short

Nicknames: Little Guy, Little Buddy

Friends: Kenny, a 23-year-old squirrel who is his best friend ever since they were little. He is like a brother to Kyle and has always looked up to him. One day Kenny decides to leave the Wahlkill area and become a mercenary. Katherine, a 21-year-old squirrel who is also one of Kyle’s closest friends. She is a lot taller than him and thinks he’s adorable going as far as calling him, “Little Buddy.” Other joke about how they are not a couple, yet they have shown in some instances to be more than friends. It is not out in the open though.

Dream: At 20-years-old, he has reach a general disdain with farming life and wants to see the world. Like his friend Kenny, he wants to join up with him one day and become a mercenary. From what he hears it is an exciting life. Wandering place to place collecting contracts for money or serving in army’s going to war with one another. Just anything that gets him away from this boring life.

Problems: He wants to leave, but can’t. He has to stay and help out with the farm because they barely have enough labor as it is. He can’t just up and abandon his family. When or if he does go, he wants Katherine to go with him too. They would ship out together full of themselves with no ties to anyone. It would be like a match made in heaven. The likelihood of that occurring is slim. But alas, one can dream, can they?

Apparel: He typically wears a white undershirt with an orange sweatshirt. His pants are green shorts. His close are a bit worn since he can’t afford much clothes.

“Story”: Throughout the years, many small events take place in his life. All the ones I have thought of take place at Marsh Point. He would participate in events with his friends, but nothing really exciting ever happens. Reasons like this, like the classical hero journey, inspire him to want to leave and see the world. However, what sparks a big change in his life is what I call, “The Marsh Point Massacre.” What happens here is, the big bad guy, whose name I still have not thought of yet(I’ll just call him governor), believes that insurrectionists are at Marsh Point hiding. So he sends troops there with his second in command to capture them. When the teenagers there do not cooperate, he kills all of them including innocent people. Marsh Point is set aflame and only very few people escape. Kyle and Kenny make it out fine, but Katherine is captured, or so they think. Believing she was taken to the underground city, known as Mercury City, the two go there to look for her. Down there, things are at unrest, war is happening between the inhabitants and invading surface dwellers. Kyle, experiences war for the first time and he is not at all ready for it. Through an unfortunate event, the two are mistaken for spies and are chased around until Kenny gets mortally shot by the governor’s second in command. Kyle goes to him. Kenny ends up succumbing to his wounds and dies. His wish for Kyle was to go off and see the world with Katherine. Kyle gets captured by the inhabitants of the city and is taken the to boss. He turns out to be Katherine’s father and the two are reunited. Shortly after, spies reveal to be some guardsmen in the room and knock Kyle to the floor and kill Katherine’s father. They are taken care of by other guardsmen. Kyle loses consciousness seeing her hold her father’s corpse. He wakes up in a bunker on the surface with some of his friends from Marsh Point in the room. News of Kenny’s death brings sadness to all of them, but the whereabouts of Katherine are unknown to Kyle. He’s told by them that she headed for the governor building in the main town to get her revenge. He heads there, only wondering how she would even get in. On his way, civil unrest has started due to the Marsh Point Massacre. It looks like things are working out for the people. Kyle then realizes Katherine must of got int through the roof of the building. He climbs up and sees the exact spot she entered because of some of the left open windows. He breaks in and steals a guard outfit. In one of the main rooms, it is revealed that Katherine and the governor are having a sword fight with sabres. An old time tradition where people could solve there problems. Kyle reveals himself to them and ultimately ends up getting her stabbed through the stomach. She dies in his arms saying she loves him. He ends up charging after the governor knocking themselves out of a window. He falls to his death, but Kyle climbs up back into the room. The governor’s second in command takes charge and captures him, but does not kill him. He is thrown in the dungeon cells. After about a day of being down there, the government controlled by the Vulpes is overthrown and an independent city state is established , for now. Kyle is set free and along with some other innocent prisoners. Now alone, Kyle decides to leave. He does not go home to say goodbye to his family. They probably think he is dead from the massacre that took place. He doesn’t care anymore. Now alone, he just wanders off into the distance leaving town. The sun is setting and he does not look back. He joins up with a caravan heading out to another country. Time for a new life, a new start, and a clean slate.

This is the basic gist of what happens. I have had this story in my head for years, but it is never really finished. I keep changing things to see what works and what doesn’t. I polish it. But above is a very rough draft of what is set to happen.

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