Marionnette Write Up




When I first thought of what to do with this assignment, I wanted to do a character that I had already created before. I chose Hauptmann Willhelm Von Steuben. A fictional German captain of the First World War. He leads a Landser unit in the Picardie Sector on the Western Front. He and his Germans are known as “Von Steuben’s Merry Band of Germans!”

  1.  The central structure of the marionette is the triangular piece. The limbs attached to it at the end of the angles flow back to the body evenly.
  2.  The fantasy elements are how representational the marionette is supposed to be. The triangular prisms are meant to be arms and legs. The  cylinder is meant to represent the head.  The triangular center piece is the torso.
  3.  The small size and limited color helps it stand out from the rest of my classmates’ marionettes. It has a limited used of color and is a lot more representational.
  4.  The number one problem that I encountered was on attaching the limbs to the torso piece. Cutting part of the triangular prisms and sewing them the sides of the of worked. This created the balance of the piece I was going for.
  5.  There are little differences in my marionette. One side mirrors another. The only difference in it is the iron cross on the right side.
  6.  The size of this is rather small when comparing it the rest of my class mates. It is only about a foot tall. Color is limited. I was basing it off the uniform of Germans of the First World War. The colors mostly used are grey and black. The main shape I had in mind was a triangle. So I used triangular prisms for the arms and pyramid-like shape for the torso.
  7.  Since I was making a human-like figure, I found the triangle to be the most useful. The ends of it make great points to attach limbs to.
  8.  Modular design contributed to my marionette by being able to achieve the movement I wanted. The modules I chose gave it plenty of breathing room.
  9.  The fundamental principles that apply to my marionette the most are balance and proportion. Both sides mirror each other well and are even.


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