Illustrated Journal #25

Torso & Pelvis Bones

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My Hero

My hero has got to be my brother, Nick. He is five years older than me, so naturally I tended to follow his example whether I realized it or not. Whether it is positive or negative way, I try to be like him.  Today, I still look up to him. The number one thing about him that I always looked up to him for is his charisma. He can go up to anyone and talk to them. Seems simple enough. I can’t do that. I am always too shy and nervous to do so. He is very social while I am not as much. He can smooth talk his way out of situations and bargain for a better deal. He is like a character out of video game that has a high speechcraft level. It’s amazing.

Another feature of my brother I like is how much of a backbone his has. What I mean by this is how he can still stand tall after all of the unfortunate events that occurred to him after high school. He went to community college and failed. He also joined the navy, but got medically discharged for some rare problem in his foot. He thought he was set for life, but it didn’t go as planned. Also, the love of his life moved away to Canada and he hasn’t seen her in years. All this happened to him and he is still happy with how his life is going. He either has gotten over it all or is just keeping it all inside and hiding it well. Either way, I admire how he was able to get through it all. With my problems have happened in my life I am still haunted by a few of them.

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