Illustrated Journal #22 (Album Covers)

L.A. Woman.png

During the month I had off, I was looking forward to doing the Illustrated Journals again. It stemmed from the constructive criticism I received during my WordPress review. I needed to get more familiar with the elements and principals of design. So I wanted to start off with something simple this semester to really wrap my head around them.

I am beginning this semester with The Doors’ album cover, L.A. Woman. The cover is simple. It is balanced in a way that is pleasing to the eye. The band members are organized left to right so that the viewer can easily make them out. They are easy to follow. The words “Doors” and “L.A. Woman” are placed opposite of each other using black and white to differentiate them.


Another album cover I wanted to talk about was AC/DC’s Back in Black. The cover is even more minimal. Just one color is used. Black. In the west, black is associated with death. The is was their first album with Brian Johnson. Their previous singer, Bon Scott, died in early 1980. The album is a tribute to him. It makes sense that they used black. The band was still suffering over the death of him and it shows on the cover.

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