Personal Geography Assignment



After finding as many objects possible to find that represent me, I constructed this in photoshop. I am a big, tall guy. So I had to find something that could really represent me.

The first thing I started with was a cutting board. From what I observed over the semester, these things take a lot of damage and bruising. There is not a clean one I could find or in decent condition. This is what I am going for though. All over me I have scars and marks from damage I have taken over the years. I have scars on my hands, arms, and legs. Same thing applies to the cutting boards. They have tremendous amounts of damage and still go strong. I am the same way.

The second thing I applied was the “A” on one of jackets. It represents me and it is a big part of who I am. The question is, “What does it represent? What does it mean?” I get this question a lot. I remember one time one person assumed it meant angel. Ironically it does not. Why irony? I am an atheist. That “A” symbol is a representation of atheism. I do not normally share this with people. However, it felt necessary for this project. Atheism is important to me. It is the reason why I am so open-minded to a lot of things. That is a story in enough itself. But, yeah I am an atheist and proud.

A flat cap is an old times hat. I do not see many younger people these days wearing them. I have only seen a handful of people wearing them on campus. I usually see the elderly wearing it. I chose this hat because it represents me pretty accurately. Anyone who knows me knows I am like an old man. For example, I am so out of touch with today’s music, celebrities, tv shows, movies, and the list just goes on. I am more familiar with the past. Especially my music. It all comes from the 1950s to the 1990s. I am glad I am like this. It makes me who I am.

I added ice cream to this. Everyone likes ice cream. It is sweet and  just about everyone loves it. This applies to me, or at least I think it does. When I was thinking about adding this, I thought about everyone I knew back home. Everyone at Burger King liked me. I had great work ethic treated people with decency. My friends and family loves me to death. I have been called a teddy bear. I always called myself a lover, not a fighter.

I did not want to make this whole poster bland looking with just throwing things on it and calling it art. So I added bananas in some symmetrical fashion. But, why did I add bananas. Aside from being my favorite fruit. Bananas are silly and I am too. It is similar to a banana peel on the floor joke.

Red stems back to a previous project. In China, it is  joyous color. The positioning of red was meant to inner. I am typically a happy person, so it was necessary to incorporate it into this project.

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