Landscapes Project

landscape-1 img_1899

Drawing #1

landscape-2 img_1915

Drawing #2

landscape-2-5 img_1915

Drawing #2.5

landscape-3 img_1918

I chose the three landscapes for the final foundations assignment. I felt this assignment was more up my alley because it pertains to my major more over the mask. I am in a drawing class. One of the major reasons why I came to college was to help build up my drawing skills to eventually bring that into the computer. For this, I started small and gradually increased the challenge. It was challenging. I had to keep looking back and forth between the photos I used and the drawings to make sure it all lined up. I began with simple line work connected  it all together. What I was worried about the most was it looking flat. After I started shading it, a sense of space was appearing. It gave the image depth. It was relieving and satisfying at the same time. I learned that applying different amounts of pressure and graphite down on the papers helps determine the amounts of shading an artist wants.

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