Illustrated Journal #20


Fireplace by Tai-atari (DeviantArt)

A medieval like setting at night. I get a calm, easing sense when I look at this.

Value: There are two light sources in this piece. That being The blue light of the night coming in from the window and the orange coming from the lit furnace. The anvil is exposed to this light. The parts facing that direction light up. However, the backside is facing away and is much darker looking. A value shift occurs. The blue light coming from the window gives everything that touches it a blue tint The light is limited, however, because of the light emitted from the furnace. It is strong enough to be almost over to the blue.

This is asymmetrically balanced. The light coming from the furnace was what first drove me to want to see this piece. It was the most capturing part of this piece. It has so much more visual weight to it. The window is given less room and is not as loud as the furnace.

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