Phenakistoscope Project


The still image of the phenakistoscope.


The animated gif version.


Just the one side itself.

When this project was first assigned, it reminded me of something I saw in my Survey of Animation and Visual Effects class at the beginning of the semester. We looked at these as animation history. So when making this, it felt like I have come full circle. I want to become an animator, and this is the first step of really understanding it. I am understanding an old technique before animation developed into what it is today.

Before I came to college, I learned about animation in a very basic way.  It was through the illustration of a ball bouncing. This is one of the twelve principles of animation, that being squash and stretch. The ball does not move up and down non-dynamically. No, instead I made it have weight. When it hits the sides it squashes and then bounces back up stretching. I left the negative space in that area to just show off the squash and stretch principle. This was the most effective part of my phenakistoscope.

The next part I added to this was a greyhound running cycle. I was thinking of my greyhound back home and I wanted to incorporate him into my artwork. It is in four frames and I am happy with the result. Staring at one of the dogs creates that illusion of movement. I dressed the dog up in a outfit that one would normally see at a greyhound race.

The last part is composed of hexagons that are red and blue. One is supposed to look into it deeply and get sucked into it. The rapid spinning created an effect that gets better as one looks deeper into it.

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