Illustrated Journal #18(Return/Revenge of the Jedi Poster 1983)

I just recently watched Star Wars over the Thanksgiving break and I wanted to do another journal discussing the design language of the poster. Before I begin, here is a fun fact. The original title for Return of the Jedi was Revenge of the Jedi. There was a poster and a trailer with that title being used. However, at the last second George Lucas decided against that title because he said that Jedi’s do not get revenge.

In the Revenge of the Jedi poster, it implies the dark side is rising within Luke. The duel between him and Vader is odd. Luke is holding a red lightsaber while Vader is holding a blue one. It implies that Luke maybe be turned to that dark side in the this movie. Even the poster is red, a color that is normally associated with the bad guys.

The Return of the Jedi picture already has a problem that comes to mind when I look at it. Luke’s lightsaber is blue, even though in the film it is green. Maybe just an error that was missed. Luke’s look in this is different from what he wore in the previous films. He always wore light clothes. But in this film he is wearing all black. This implies that Luke in in a struggle between the light in the dark side of the force. It eventually does get put to the test when Luke is in the throne room of the Emperor. The blue lightsaber is supposed to still remind the audience that Luke is still a good guy despite his dark appearance.

And if there is one more thing about these Star Wars posters I have noticed, it is always how Darth Vader is placed on it. He is always given so much space. Just his head is shown yet, it carries so much weight over our heroes displayed.  It probably has to do with him being one of the most iconic movie villains of all time.

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