Color Palette (Research Based)

Research Color Palette.png

I made an image in illustrator based off everyday items I come across. I conducted research on what colors meant to certain cultures around the world. The one in particular that I wanted to do was China. Why? Because I noticed a label on almost everything I have, “Made in China.” The color I wanted to work with from the start was red. Fortunately, red just so happened to represent me in China. Red has many meanings and one of them can be joyous. I am typically a joyous person in life. The color green is a way of representing strength. I am a big guy and I have natural strength. Throughout my life people have always come to me for lifting heavy objects because they just assume I can. The green image itself is the back of a cutting board. The color purple represents love. I can be a very loving person. Some people even go as far as calling me a teddy bear. The image is a close up of a paper towel dispenser. The blue is a manhole. It is associated with illness. At the time of writing this, I was badly sick two weeks ago. I had a fever that seemed like it would never go away. The purpose of this assignment was to get me familiar with what color means to different cultures. The western world thinks of color very differently when compared to the eastern world.


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