Illustrated Journal #17(Star Wars)


The original Star Wars from 1977 is without a doubt one of my favorite movies of all time. It also is probably many others favorite movie. In 1977 it blew the world by storm. It had countless sellout crowds and is one of the most successful box office movies of all time. I believe that one of the reasons it was so successful was the design of the movie.

The movie and poster uses color in a such simple way. In the western world white is used to represent good, purity, safety, and cleanliness. Black is used show evil, power, death, and mystery. In Star Wars, the good guys are wearing white. On the poster, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are wearing white. Just by the visuals we get the fact that they are the good guys. Darth Vader and the Empire and wearing darker colors like black and grey. Just by that, the audience gets that they are the bad guys. The visual communicate it simply, yet perfectly.

The visual weight is evenly balanced on the poster. While the darker colors and imagery take up most of poster, the heroes are presence is able to dominate the little room they are given.

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