Still Life Chair Write Up


Chair of Wisdom

Between the three chairs displayed in the classroom, I chose this one. I particularly liked the placement of it in the room. It wasn’t elevated or disturbed from being dangled from a string. It was just a plain, still chair sitting by itself. Contempt from the rest of the world, minding its own business.

The form of it was captured well. On the sides, it shows. The wrinkles and the folds throughout the sheet are distinguishable. There is depth. One can look at this and see that there is space.

The positioning of the chair on this stems from my first attempt on newsprint. I captured the sides of the chair well with the folds. So I wanted to translate that onto the final product. I put a lot of time and effort into the sides to really nail down that illusion.

I wanted to give my chair personality. I asked myself, “What about this chair that can really grab people’s attention.” I came up with putting an ora around the chair, giving it this holy presence, hence the name “Chair of Wisdom.” This was my first time using the white charcoal. I wanted to incorporate it into this piece. Outside the chair is negative space with lightly applied charcoal. This here is where I also tried to include atmospheric perspective. The sides are less sharper compared to the central more inner stripes. The outer the viewer goes, the more the stripes become lighter. That was a result of the light around the chair.

After all the projects I have done in foundations, I have come a long way. I used to be in awe on how artists would draw still life and wonder how the pull off such a task. Now I have learned the tools and skills to do so. Time, effort, and passion go into making art. I had fun making this. It was probably my favorite project I have done so far. I addressed the design problem of how I can make what I see in front of me and put it onto paper. I see the relevance to the course. This project helped my growth as an artist in such a grand way. I never thought I could do something like this. It even sparked some thoughts of doing some more in the future.

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