Color Palettes Exercise 2


Seventies Citrus

I did two images with seventies Citrus. They are the same, just with different backgrounds of green. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the seventies is bright colors and disco lights. Citrus fruits are lush and full of life. So this time, incorporating gestalt principles, I arranged these circles in a manner. I had proximity, figure/ground, and similarity in mind when doing this. They are arranged in a way that creates a figure/ground in between the shapes. The similarity is in the shapes spread out. I called this analogous when taking the color wheel into consideration. They are all types of green that are next to each other on the color wheel. Whether they be a tint, shade, or tone.



Caffeinated can stand for all kinds of things. Soda and coffee come to mind when I hear that word because I see it on the labels every time I have one of them. I created a bunch of ovals that are all colored brown. Some are consist of a tint while some have a darker shade. Taking the color wheel into consideration, I had analogous colors in mind because they are arranged next to each other. They have similar color. Incorporating gestalt principles into this, I had proximity in mind. The ovals are grouped together.



Fresh colors have to be vibrant. That is what I associate them with. I organized this with complimentary colors. Green goes with red. Orange goes with blue. Purple goes with yellow. I had the gestalt principle of similarity in mind when creating this. These are all squares, however the are differently colored. They have a tint that makes them lighter looking.


Seventies Citrus 2

This my second attempt seventies citrus. I had something psychedelic in mind when tackling this piece again. You look deep into this piece and it sucks you into that era. The disco theme is carried over too. The bright flashy green is meant to grabs someone’s attention and into the spotlight. The citrusy feeling also has to do with the colors. I think of a lime. This is the color of fruit someone would want to put into the beverage.


Fresh 2

The gestalt principle of figure/ground is show here. The two colors are displayed, yet the negative space between them forms a vase. I used the complementary colors, green and red, in a lighter tint. These are fresh colors. They are younger and more full of life.


Fresh 3

I wanted to tackle fresh again. I went with the same approach of colors light. They are more appealing to me that way. I designed this using analogous colors on the color wheel.

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