Illustrated Journal #15( Repsonse to Walk Through Walls)

I want to start this first with addressing a quote from the beginning of the book. “…approaching pain with consent rather than resistance was a creative act and a source of empowerment…” The way I see that is channeling one’s pain. For example, an actor in a play. He is afraid of messing his lines up or direction in the stage play. However, he can use the painful fear to his advantage. Channel it into his act to give himself confidence and thus making is a more believable performance.

The articles begins with talking about artist Marina Abramović. It talks about her rough upbringing under a communist regime. However, things changed for her when she discovered art. It was a way for to escape from reality. In fact, her first paintings were of her dreams. Also because of art she was able to come out of her shell in a sense. She could talk to people, whether it be a large crowd or just everyday simple conversations. She developed self worth. All that is thanks to art.

Later she would be admitted to Belgrade’s Academy of Fine Arts. She was the only woman in her art collective. They wanted to push the boundaries by going past painting and putting life into art. She would eventually make a name for her self and travel out of the Iron Curtain and into the western world.  She herself described it as a small fish being in a large pond.

She talks about taking chances. You got to for it. She doesn’t that she is fearless about it, but she does see the value in it. She describes it as a gift to oneself. Later it also goes on how fear helped her discover who she is while standing before a crowd. Through that she obtained freedom of expression.

Art was a form of expression to her. Whether it be to ask questions, be political, predict the future, or be just plain and simple. The list goes on. She believed that art needed layers to give it everlasting life. Meaning that people can look at it and see something someone else might not realize.


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