Illustrated Journal #14 (Response to, ‘I am Not I.’)

This is appears to be an article commentating on a book written by  Jacob Needlemen.


Illustration by Mimmo Paladino

When beginning to read this, this picture was stumbled upon. In is particularly captivating to this piece due the subject at hand. The reading was asking questions, “Who am I?” This picture is relevant. It represents that idea with whoever the figured silhouette is here. With that said, the silhouette is perfect too. It’s empty, therefore leaving whoever is reading to put themselves into that position. It also discusses that never ending search for truth in every human’s life. “Why am I here? Who am I? What am I?”

It continues with discussing how Needleman once had a childhood friend who died from leukemia. His name was Elias. Elias openly spoke about his impending doom. His only regret was living to understand everything about the living universe. His death brings Needleman hope rather than grief. It teaches him that there is a sacred consciousness within that arises from hope. Yet, people haven’t gravitated toward that idea because they always the downsides in everything first.

The book is structured in a way that splits it from his childhood self, Jerry, to his 80 year-old self, Jacob.

One quote from the book argues that we all need to help each other when struggling. It says how it is the law of love that rules the universe. Humans are inclined to help one another, it is the right thing to do. Deep inside we are all the same.

Another quote is on contradictions. It argues how that there are always more than two opposing sides. The truth is in the third part, going as far to call it reconciliation. It’s then called self-knowledge. One can learn from this struggle that will ultimately make them a better person. They can realize that what is right, what is true.

It goes on call this the beginning of sincerity. Being able to question things realizing, being self-aware, surrounding yourself with the energy, only then can you are being purely human. Being true from the heart.

Later quotes go on about freedom. Asking, “What is freedom? Where does it come from? Is is from a higher power, or is it from nature?” However, keep asking questions. That is the gateway to freedom.


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