Illustrated Journal #14

img_1773This is a wire frame of an eagle I made. I used wire and tape to make it. This was the first step in making a stop motion puppet for an animation project for my survey of animation and visual effects class. I first made the legs and feet. Next I moved to the body, head, and beak. After that was done I finished this off with the wings.


This was the second part of the puppet that I made. Using tin foil, tape, and crumbled up news print paper I created the form of the eagle. This part was tricky, I had to make sure that the tin foil would stay on properly without falling off. I was challenging, but ultimately I was able to reach my goal. Inside the bird is crumbled up newsprint. This was able to help me put the tin foil on with out it breaking.


This is the finished product after I applied the clay. It was difficult. I had to make sure that it would hold. It was satisfying seeing this come into full fruition. It took two days to make all this.

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