Illustrated Journal #13


Lord and Lady by SilentRavyn (DeviantArt)

This picture has always been a favorite of mine. It has been a inspiration for why I’ve been wanting to be an artist.

One factor of this picture is anthropomorphism, half human and half animal beings. I have been fascinated by that idea for a long as I can remember. I cannot really grasp why, but I grew up surround these works. It seemed alright to me. It inspired me to come up with my own original works. I actively look for work to emulate to come up with my own design for these types of beings.

It expresses something I look for when viewing art, emotion. Emotion plays a role in art, but not every time. It mostly applies to when its between people, animals, etc. I get an emotional reaction when viewing this. It’s due to how the artist drew their faces. The male, in particular, really captures this well. In his eye, it’s almost like it is squinting. He is emotional, as if he is about to tear up. It shows how much he really loves his mate. This scene is a celebration of their years of partnership. They come together, naked, in their purest form to show their affection toward one another. The bond is strong. This speaks to me. It is a heart warming scene.

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