Cohen Gallery Event Oct. 28th

I attended the Cohen Gallery’s new opening on the 28th of October. There, art was being displayed by Adam Hinterlang and Peter Morgan. Most of the art there required 3D glasses to properly see. The art on display was mostly abstract. Pieces weren’t figuratively representing something. It was left in the eye of the beholder to really make out what they were looking at. Some of the work looked like something out of taking a hallucinogen. Rapidly changing colors and unusual imagery appeared.img_1797

Red, Blue, Carmine, 2016

This piece of art is by Adam Hinterling on vellum. Observing this piece up close made me realize that it was made entirely with pen and ink. After putting on 3D glasses, it created a 3D effect. He achieved this by blending the pens together. It is amazing that the artist was able to create this affect just using a pen. The 3D glasses gives this piece life.


Orange, Green, Carmine, 2015

This another piece similar to the one before. The colors are more apparent. The effect one gets when looking at this is even more vivid.


Disco Mammoth

This piece was a collaborative work between Peter Morgan and Adam Hinterlang. The disco element is really present when the 3D glasses are on. It’s as if the picture comes out of the wall. The colors light up and it does feel like a disco seen.


Rasta Megatherium, 2015

A similar looking piece to the one above. The color pops out more in this one. The color creates an affect around the center piece. It’s even more vivid with the 3D glasses on.


Techno(tronic) Blackbirds, 2016

This is another collaborative piece by Adam Hinterlang and Peter Morgan. This one required 3D glasses and headphones. Observing it without the glasses made it difficult to make out. It looks like a collage of colors rapidly changing. When the glasses are on it is only changes from blue to red. Also one will notice silhouettes scattered about. It appeared to be a witch on a broomstick and also a cat. With the head phones on, one will hear cat noises. This is a halloween themed piece.

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