Illustrated Journal #12 (Alien)


Alien by arvalis (DeviantArt)

Alien(1979) is without a doubt my favorite horror movie. It’s still able to horrify my due to the alien itself. It’s so mysterious and horrifying. What it does to its victims is what really makes me cringe. This picture makes it seem that the alien has cornered the viewer in this cave and is ready to do unspeakable things to you.

This picture is symmetrically balanced. The visual weight distributed is enough to have all focus on the alien. I get the impression that this is a cave that the alien is coming into, but it is not the the thing the viewer will not notice initially.

There is value in this picture. The alien’s head has a gradient. From the back to front the color gets darker. It shows that the light source is coming in from behind it. Same goes for the cave. There is a white background and the slowly changes to gray and then black as it goes deeper into the cave.

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