Illustrated Journal #9 (Paradise Theatre)

paradise-theatre-1928Paradise Theatre is an album by Styx from 1981 at the height of their popular. It is my favorite album by them which I listen to every now and then. It’s sort of a concept album telling a fictionalized tale of the theatre’s brief existence. What I find fascinating about this album the most is that it is actually based off a real place. Paradise was the name of a theatre in Chicago. It was around from 1928 to 1956. It closed it’s doors forever and in 1958 was demolished. Now it only alive through this album. I love the artwork for the cover. It just screams 1920s America!

The usage of color in this piece just grabs the viewers attention.It’s a dark night and the colorful sign and lights is the first thing that the viewer will look at. They are intense. They are the primary colors. It really gives the viewer the feeling that they are attending paradise.

The atmosphere of the 1920s is really captured in this image. It’s supposed to be the best of times. It’s in the moment. It’s like the pinnacle of the decade of America’s roaring 20s.

This piece is evenly balanced. It’s symmetrical. The visuals are evenly distributed all across the piece. It’s stable and no side appears to be heavier than the other.


Now Paradise is only a shadow of what it once was. In reality the theatre never did well for itself, but it must of been a good time. This picture really shows how much neglect that this place received over the years. Temporarily closed, it looks likes it’s been years since anyone set foot in there.

In the words of Dennis DeYoung…

“And so, my friends, we’ll say goodnight, for time has claimed his prize, but tonight can always last, as long as we keep alive, the mem’ries of Paradise.”

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