Illuminated Name/Initial


After doing research into the Book of Kells, I developed an Illuminated Name based off of it. Using the design, I was able to come up with this. Coming up with an initial design was the toughest part of the project. I had to think about how I can create something  elaborate without it being a confusing mess? Would there be a general flow to it? Art pieces that were the most appealing to me were the main influence for this work. Getting feedback was the next thing I needed. The point being to bounce ideas off one anther to see what works and what doesn’t about it. Refining it afterwards, both by hand and digitally, created the final design.

This project has relevance too the foundations class. It is to build the artist’s complexity when building art. This project is based off artwork from 100s of years ago. The artwork is elaborate in its design with its usage of color, spacing,  and lines. It is meant to help learning artists in his or her ability to craft complicated pieces of work properly with being able to convey a message behind it. This helps with artists being able to create hidden meanings behind work. To someone who isn’t as articulate as an artist, this may appear to be just a bunch of symbols and pictures cramped together. However to an artist, they see the deeper meaning in things. Without it, is there really a point?

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