Abstract Animation (Write Up & Vimeo Link)

I chose the musical sequence. My abstract animation is about two shapes falling in love. The shapes being a red circle and blue square. Different colored backgrounds were to show the feelings going on between the two shapes. The background colors used were white, pink, green, and yellow. White is to show a normal environment. Pink is used to show the circle’s feelings for the square. Green represents the square’s feelings for the circle. Yellow is their love represented in full blossom. The small green and pink pieces are to show the sparks flying between the two shapes.

After the animation was completed, the concept seemed to be communicated affectively. The shapes are shown to embrace and feel each other. Each time they are on screen the shapes were always coming together.

After doing some research, I found some animators who gave me ideas on what to do for this project. I looked at some animations by Oskar Fischinger. Motion Painting No. 1 from 1947 and Composition in Blue from 1935. Of his two animations I watched, the one I took most influence from was Composition in Blue. The different colored backgrounds and shapes moving all over the place where my main influence for the animation I created. The other animator I chose was Adam Beckett. His animations I looked at were Kitsch in Sync from 1975, Heavy Light 1973, and Flesh Flows from 1974. In Kitsch in Sync the beginning of it showcases colored shapes rapidly moving and changing. This continues throughout the duration of it. His other animation, Flesh Flows, I took some brief inspiration from too. The sexualized sequences had some influence on my work with the shapes ‘getting close to one another.’

In my animation itself I was able to achieve some smooth animation. The smoothest part in it was the when the background was yellow. The square and circle where one and were moving so flawlessly doing so. It isn’t choppy. Again it was smooth when it spins in place, this happens a few times during the animation. The only particularly weak shot during it was when the shapes were moving fast up, down, and sideways. It happens too quickly. That shot was intentional, but didn’t come out was good as I hoped it would have. The two times the tiny shapes come out of the square and circle appear to be quite good. It happens quick, but due to the background color contrasting against it, it can easily capture the viewer’s eye.

Music Used: One Day by blacksheep806

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