Illustrated Journal #6 (Notes)

IMG_1627.jpgWhen beginning my research with the Golden Ratio, Golden Mean, and Fibonacci Sequence, I noticed that all these images had one thing in common. They all were related to this image of a spiral line and squares. This thing is called the Golden Spiral. It is made up of squares that are at different proportions. You can find this in nature.

Fibonacci Sequence: Its a series of numbers. For example…

0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,… and the list keeps going on.

The numbers are added together to keep going on. The first(0) adds with the second(1) and creates the third(1). The second(1) adds with the third(1) to create the fourth(2). And the list keeps on going on like this. It can be found in nature such a flowers,  apples, bananas, leaves, and pine cones. The rows on pine cones add up to these numbers along with the rows of pedals on a flower.

Golden Ratio: 1.618, that is what this number is approximately equal to.

Example: Taking a line and dividing it into two parts. One is short and the part is long. Dividing the whole length(40) by the long part(24.7) will give you 1.618. That is the golden ratio. It has been used by various architects throughout history to give pieces the most beautiful shape possible.

Golden Mean: Another name for the Golden Ratio, 1.618 was also found in my research.

After conducting my research I realized how this will be connected to the Illuminated Name Project. Using this technique, in the creation of the letters of our names, will help it. The letters are supposed to be derived from nature. The golden spiral appears in nature. It will help perfectly position and design the look of the letters.

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