Illustrated Journal #5

A History of Horror by Harnois75 (DeviantArt)

While searching for art, I came across this piece. I’m a fan of horror films and nearly identified all the icons in this. The Frankenstein Monster, Jaws, Godzilla, Jason Voorhees, Dracula, Saw, Nosferatu, Leatherface, Damien, King Kong, The Golem, and The Wicker man just to name a few. I grew up watching many of these movies.

Unity: The heads of the horror icons are shown. The are distributed in a way that allows them to be given room to let their presence be known. While the sizes of the heads vary, they are still recognizable. They aligned in a manner that unifies them.

Contrast: There is a contrast of color in this piece. Green contrasts with blue. The point is to create a visual interest in the piece.

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