Linear Day Image Write Up


A Day at Burger King is my Linear Day Book. I used lines to give my work detail and give it a flow. Line is used to take the viewer from one panel to the other. The right hand flows into the car traveling to work. The street lines take the viewer to the store showing me clocking in. The counter goes into the fryers and the suddenly stops. It continues with the fry freezer going into the fry station. That then flows into the street to see me on my merry way home. There is a consistency in the flow of the line for the first three panels. It suddenly stops when meeting the fryer. However, it continues in the last three panels. The consistent look of the lines are what I want the viewer to see. When following them, the lines are located in positions that show key areas in a fast food restaurant being the front counter, fryers, fry freezer, and fry station. As the day continues, the viewer is taken to different spots in the restaurant. Different environments and the time shown on the monitors shows progress throughout the day. A problem I encountered in the final piece was with gluing the pages to the covers. They weren’t perfectly even with the covers. ¬†Fortunately, I was able to glue it on and make it not look uneven when looking at it unopened. However, it is noticeable when it is opened. However, it doesn’t fully distract from the pages because it isn’t a glaring issue. The artwork remains intact and is the first thing people will look at when viewing my work.

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