Illustrated Journal #4


King Kong vs. Godzilla II by LDN-RDNT (DeviantArt)

I’ve been a fan of Godzilla all my life. One of the first Godzilla movies I saw was King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962). This picture is rather comedic to those who get the context. In the movie, Kong shoves a tree down Godzilla’s throat. Now fifty years later, Godzilla wants some revenge. This version of Godzilla is from the 2014 reboot and Kong is what he should normally look like in his movies.

Texture: Godzilla’s design is very detailed. His scales, teeth, and dorsal fins are an attention to detail. The scales imply that Godzilla’s body is rough. It would be a coarse feeling to rub against. The spikes scattered about him and dorsal fins on his back are sharp in there design. It would bring about a painful feeling.

Pattern: The Empire state Building’s windows show repetition. They are evenly next to each other. The widows are organized in a consistent manner going up and down.

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