Illustrated Journal #3

steampunk_concept_by_tyleredlinart-d7czbvr.jpgSteampunk Concept by TylerEdlinArt (DeviantArt)

I’ve always found the steampunk genre fascinating. To me, it’s a combination of the future and past. It’s like a blend between the industrialization of the 1800s and then a spice of futuristic technology is added. What I love about this painting is that it is a city in the sky. I’ve seen scenarios like this before, but this one in particular stands out to me.

Value: The sun is shining down on the city. It contrasts from the places that are bright and dark. Viewers will initially look at the parts of the city that are bright. For example the air blimp or the bridge in the background. They are easier to make out. Most of the background is lit up while some parts of the foreground is shrouded in darkness. The bottom right of the painting has no light shining on it. The viewer can see what is going on, however they won’t notice it at first.

Space: The size of the structures are massive. The viewer gets this feeling when paying attention to the minor details of the painting. For example, the people scattered about. There is a person noticeable on the bottom left. Its as if the person is looking at the huge mountain-like object right before him. From where he is standing, its also suggesting that they are looking down from where he is. The see the space separating the buildings in the air while also looking how far down it is to ground level.


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