Part I: https://vimeo.com/182414109


For this assignment, the animator I chose was Otto Messmer. The animated shorts I watched were Feline Follies (1919), Felix All Balled Up (1924), Felix in the Swim (1922), Felix Out of Luck (1924), Felix the Cat Switches Witches (1927), and Japanicky (1928). I took inspiration in my character’s design from Feline Follies. Felix’s design was more appealing to me in that film due him being less anthropomorphic. The other shorts were more exaggerated in his anthropomorphism. Near the end of Feline Follies, I tried to emulate the walk cycle of Felix when he approached the white female cat. In flames 1-19 I tried to recreate it. It was clear that the cat walked across to get to his food bowl. However, in frames 20 and 21 the cat is lowering his head to eat. It happens too quickly, making it difficult to see. In frames 22-26, a similar thing happens, but it is easier to see due to more frames included. However, for the frames I listed, more needed to be drawn to make it clearer. The lamp in frames 22-26 is a close up. I took inspiration from Felix the Cat All Balled Up. About 30 seconds in, there is a close up in a circular form. From frames 41-51 is the cat running away from the lamp. This is my attempt at recreating a running animation from Feline Follies. Near the end when Felix returns to the white female cat, he runs away from her. His head and body turn in a fashion that I recreated.When animating this, I was looking back and forth between my drawings and the slowed down frames of Feline Follies. In frames, 1-19 of my animation, it is the smoothest part of it. Another smooth part is at the end. Frames 40-51, the cat runs away in terror. The eyes of the lamp move in the direction the cat goes. To make the cat look shocked, I change his facial expressions. I drew his eyebrows going down and change the look of his mouth. His lips lowered in fear. To make him look more shocked, I could’ve added some gesture to his tail at the sight of the lamp moving. The tail could’ve quickly jumped or the cat itself.

Part II: https://vimeo.com/182414438

The second attempt at making the animation is more polished. The lighting in it was better, making it easier to see what was going on. For example, in frames 41-47, the cat’s facial expressions are easier to make out. I noticed that the lamp moves so much more fluently than the first attempt. Frames 26-35 has its face revealed more smoothly than before. In frames 51-60, the eyes moves as the cat runs across the screen are also smoother too. However, I had a hard time trying make a running animation still. In both animations it is almost like he is dragging his bottom across the floor while running away.

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