Illustrated Journal #2


Don’t Lose Your Way by AndreaTamme (DeviantArt)

In searching for more images to discuss, I found this piece. The Land Before Time is one my favorite movies. The fluent animation is nice to look at, the score drives the story and general mood one is supposed to feel, and the characters are unforgettable. I love the relationship with Little Foot and his mother because it reminds me of my mother. It’s especially heartbreaking to me to see her die later. I always break down crying. This piece just speaks so much to me. She watches over him and guides him to The Great Valley.

The lines that make up the cloud convey this soft mood. The curve in Little Foot’s mother’s neck looking down on him leads the viewer to see a connection. Even though she is dead, she is still with him.

The use of space gives the illusion of depth to the valley below him. He is on top of a hill or mountain, and from his perspective is able to see The Great Valley below.

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