Illustrated Journal #1

Bat Out of Hell by sandara (DeviantArt)

This piece of art has always mesmerized me. It’s the artist Meat Loaf standing up against, to what I call, the ‘Bat Out of Hell,’ with his angels aiding him. He is one of my favorite music artists and this picture just reinforces its.

The attention to detail in this piece is quite noticeable. It’s implied that wind is blowing Meat Loaf and the angels due to the direction of their hair and outfits. Meat Loaf’s outfit is wrinkled due to it. It gives the piece texture to it because of all the detail in the wrinkles. Same goes for the giant bat’s fur.

The usage of value in this picture gives it a synopsis. The dark colors used for the bat implies that hell is coming giving it a somewhat bleak mood. However, the light emitting from the angels are the ones that will stand up to that darkness of hell. Value is used to symbolize heaven and hell.

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