Formal Elements Part II


Value: From left to right, the picture becomes darker. The mood becomes bleaker on the right. On the left, things are light and calmer.Form.png

Line: This object is made up of lines. The legs are made up of the them as well as the rectangle on top of the object. Line is being used in its most basic form here.Size.png

Size: In this image, there are two sentences illustrating size. One is huge meant to immediately capture the viewers eye. The smaller piece is tucked away in the corner.


Shape: Geometric shapes make up this piece. They create a simulated piece of furniture with there usage.


Color: This picture is made up of a bunch of different colors. Primary and secondary colors are used to catch the attention of the viewer. However, yellow is the most bright, noticeable color.


Texture: In this picture, the red curtain is bent and wrinkled. It gives the illusion that there its something one can feel. The wood has surface texture feeling to it.


Space: This cat is at the beginning of a log three-dimensional hallway. The viewer looks longer down the hallway, it gets smaller, implying there is space that way.



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